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Yoga considers that most diseases are due to insufficient life force, either in the entire body or a blockage in one part of the body. This leads to a lowered body resistance or immunity to disease. Those practicing yoga have learned that most diseases are due to reduced immunity. Medical science also is gradually coming to the same conclusion.

When the whole body has a lowered life force, the result is a lowered vitality level, poor health and susceptibility to infection. Pathogens (bacteria, viruses and so on) are a normal part of life and will only cause trouble when the body's resistance is too low to keep them in check. The best way to increase the general life force of the body is by good nutrition, sound sleep, a positive mental attitude and yoga. The ancient yogis were aware of the importance of the spine in relation to disease, since most of their asanas or postures were designed to make the spine more flexible to prevent spinal misalignments. Some of the asanas will even correct minor spinal misalignments. The spine is so important for a high vitality level, good health and the correction of many health conditions that a whole science of healing has been developed to correct spinal misalignments. In fact, chiropractic is now the second largest healing profession after medicine and the fastest growing healing profession in the world. Pranayam- Varied breathing which is controlled, regulated and rhythmic is called pranayam. This increases the oxygen intake of the body cells. It leads to burning up of fat cells. A remarkable outcome of this controlled breathing is the stimulation and energizing of the subtle energy centers located in the human body. Apart from the physical wellbeing these exercises help in the upliftment of spiritual concentration and meditation.


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