Yagya Therapy
Yagya (fire ceremony): - Medical benefits of Yagya

In spite of increased living comforts provided by modern science and technology, the world is realizing that creature comforts alone do not always make for an easier and balanced existence.

The rise of environmental pollution and ecological imbalance has raised a clarion call for reinventing the everyday common lifestyle. Yagya, an ancient Indian science, is now beginning to demonstrate its spiritual effects on the physical and mental levels. Several scientific researchers have now proved that Yagya has positive effect on the physical & mental body as also purifying the environment. Researches on all the aspects of Yagya being conducted in the laboratory of Brahmvwarchas might well lead to the development of a scientifically established Yagyopathy. This may find a leading place among other well known therapies. In a Yagya medicines and herbs are vaporized by offering into the sacred fire and they enter the human body in a gaseous form through the nose, lungs and pores of the skin. This might proved to be the easiest, least taxing, least risky and most effective method of administering a medicine to reach every single cell of the body.

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