“Shiro” means ‘head’ and “dhara” means ‘the driping of oil like a thread.’

This treatment drips warm oil in a steady stream on the forehead, particularly on the brow in the region between the eyes and then side to side like pendulum.

It is often added in the panchkarma regimen because it pacifies vata and also helps to make a balance between body and mind. For this purpose oils prepared with special herbs that calm and nourish the nervous system and open the channel.

Shirodhara is useful in several psychosomatic disorders, in mental disturbances, Hysteria, Hallucinations and chronic headache. Shiro dhara is also effective in the management of Epilepsy, to improve concentration, in stress- induced conditions and to improve the intellect. This is also highly useful for mental retardation and in case of poor performers at school.

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