Shiro Basti

This procedure is widely used these days for the purpose of de- addiction of alcohol as also to treat various psychological disorders. The indications also include Vata disorders, Facial paralysis, Insomnias, Cataract, Chronic headaches and Spondylitis. Highly indicative in trigeminal neuralgia, hemi crania, Optic atrophy, Otalgia, Deafness and all disorders affecting cranial the nerves.
Here bearably hot oil is retained on the clean shaved head up to around one inch above the hair root. A leather belt is tied around the head and is sealed from within with black gram paste to retain oil. This is normally carried out for around 30 minutes. This is followed by gentle massage over back, shoulder, neck, head and mandible. Shiro Basti is normally given for 7 days and can be repeated if required.

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