Our Spiritual Root

Although impossible, even presumptuous perhaps, to try and speak about one’s Guru or Master, who is primarily a Presence than an entity, I feel an inner compelling to acknowledge, in my own small way, that Divine Power which was responsible for my ascension into the Himalayas. This Great Master (or Baba Haidakhan as He is lovingly called), though not providing me that fortunate opportunity to meet Him in His physical manifestation, yet created the deepest connection with me at the spiritual level. At the age of 21, I would often listen intently to my elder brother narrate a story of Mahavtar Baba and his foremost disciple Lahiri Mahashay, thus setting the stage for my later ties with Him. After finishing my post-graduation in Ayurveda, I worked as Research Officer in J.R.D. Tata Foundation for Research in Ayurveda and Yoga Sciences, Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh. After two years, I became the Assistant Director (Clinical Research). During this period, in the year 2001, I received my guru-diksha from my spiritual master Swami Gangadhar Prakash. After a year of practicing meditation under his guidance, he suggested that I read the famous book “Autobiography of Yogi.” However, my guru-bhai, a librarian in our medical library, informed me that this book was not available in the library. So we decided to purchase it. On the very day that I was advised by my Guruji to read the book, my librarian friend, miraculously, found a copy of this book in the library. This particular guru-bhai was privy to the story that I used to hear from my elder brother. He began to read the book before I did, but as he came to the chapter on Mahavatar Baba and Lahiri Mahashay, he called me on phone summoning me immediately. I went to library and began to read. And as I read, line by line, I began crying like a child. It was almost impossible for me to read the entire chapter. I was completely overwhelmed by what I read and felt.

After that, for the next two years, I almost constantly prayed to Babaji in my meditation to bring me to His place. A heartfelt, genuine prayer, it is believed, simply HAS to be accepted by the Almighty, and lo and behold, one day I was given the opportunity to come to Ranikhet, not only to visit but actually move there with my young family, bag and baggage. I was appointed to work in Babaji’s hospital, set up by the Baba Haidakhan Trust, and served there for more than six years. This was truly the golden period of my life. During this period I was extremely fortunate to also work and connect closely with Sri Muniraji, who had been appointed by Babaji to head the Samaj (organization) and carry on His work and who treated me like a son.

At the start of my seventh year in the hospital, Babaji began to send me strong messages through dreams that I now needed to move on and start something new. After leaving the Haidakhan hospital, I continued to receive the blessings of both Babaji and Muniraji through dreams and visions, helping me in whichever venture I took up. This entire project, therefore, is dedicated to my Guruji, beloved Babaji, without whose Grace and blessings it would have been impossible to implement this undertaking. My deepest salutations and gratitude is to you Baba Ji for bringing me into your lap up in the Himalayas and keeping me here.

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