Purpose: -

Provide Sustainable Health by Bringing People Back to Nature.

Vision: -

Have the most authentic and classical base in holistic health and make Earth Ayurveda Health Care Center a global and a household name

Mission: -

Bring awareness about this ancient concept of health
Provide treatment for various chronic ailments through the Indian system of medicine
Provide training on various aspects of Ayurveda
To educate, promote and aggressively market all aspects of Ayurveda through Earth Ayurveda Health Care Center
To explore indigenous knowledge of health and healing from remote areas
To provide knowledge of Satwik food and rituals
Create ambience, work culture, treatment services to achieve high customer satisfaction
Establish centers around the world to promote health and wellness

Values: -

Truth: Conduct ourselves with integrity, transparency and open-mindedness

Love: Have unconditional love and respect, without mental and egoistic barriers

Simplicity: Act without pretension, artificiality or affectedness

Earth Ayurveda Health Care Center
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