Lifestyle Disease Prevention Program

“Prevention is better than cure”
Lifestyle diseases
"Lifestyle diseases" known, internationally, as ‘non-communicable diseases’ (NCD’s) or ‘chronic diseases of lifestyle’ (CDL) emerge from inappropriate relationship of people with their environment. These are a group of diseases that share similar risk factors, which may be due to exposure over many decades, unhealthy diets, smoking, lack of exercise, and stress.

The major risk factors are high blood pressure, tobacco addiction, high blood cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. These result in various long-term disease processes, culminating in high mortality rates attributable to stroke, heart attack, tobacco- and nutrition-induced cancers, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, renal failure, and many others.

The important fact is that these NCD’s may be prevented. There is abundant evidence to support the argument that a large percentage of NCD’s are preventable by changing the risk factors. Poor diet and physical inactivity directly account for millions of deaths each year. Furthermore, poor diet and physical inactivity significantly influence risk factors that attribute to over 14 million deaths a year.

Possible method of preventing NCDs


If suffering from a CDL (chronic disease of lifestyle) and planning to join our center for treatment, the following instructions must be adhered to -

  • Before planning to join the program, send your medical history via e-mail.
  • Bring all the relevant medical documents with you.
  • Do not stop your on-going medication without medical advice.
  • Bring the relevant medicines with you, if possible for the entire duration of your stay.
  • To initiate the therapeutic process in the body, it would be preferable for you to follow the instructions given below:
    1. * Do not smoke, OR, immediately begin to minimize the intake.
    2. * Stop use of alcohol at least two weeks before commencement of program.
    3. * Stop intake of non-vegetarian food at least 15 days before entering the prevention program.
    4. * If not doing any physical exercise, start mild to moderate exercise everyday at least 15 days before start of program.
  • Be mentally prepared to accept that the following items will not be served during your entire stay:
    1. * White flour
    2. *Noodles
    3. * Pizza, burger and pasta.
    4. * Matar, urad, rajma.
    5. * Potato.
    6. * Excess fried food items.
    7. * Non-vegetarian food.
    8. * Creams
    9. * Yeast bread.
    10. * Chilled or cold water.
    11. *Spicy or sour food.
    12. * Pickles and vinegar.
    13. * Alcohol.
  • Avoid the program in the following conditions:
    1. *Malignant hypertension.
    2. * Renal failure.
    3. * Recent history of bone fracture.
    4. * Severe condition of COPD (Congestive Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder).
    5. * If pregnant.
    6. * Type-1 Diabetes (Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus).
    7. * Using pace maker.
    8. * Advanced stage of any kind of cancer.
    9. * Unable to walk or perform any physical activity.
    10. * Unwilling to stop intake of alcohol

Duration of treatment- Minimum 21 days.

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