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After arrival in the hot sultry Delhi you will board the train and will soon find yourself at the foot of the mountains in the town of Kathgodam. It is located at an altitude of about 550 meters above sea level. Here is the final and most northern station of Indian Railways. Next your way to the mountains will be on the jeep.
In this round, I offer you a 5-day excursion to the most beautiful and mysterious places of the Himalayas, followed by a 7-day course of panchakarma and yoga.
So, the journey begins ...


Day 1. Kathgodam-Nainital (35 km)
Nainital - a resort town located in the foothills of the Himalayas at an altitude of 2000 m was founded during the British Empire and became popular with tourists due to its mild climate and location. The town lies in a picturesque valley on the banks of the lake, which is surrounded by mountains covered with thick green. At one time in the summer to rest here, even the local government, and still is a place loved by Indian families and newlyweds who spend their honeymoon here.
You will visit:
Lake Nain. means "green eye Parvati" (Parvati - wife of Lord Shiva). Here you can go boating, buy souvenirs in the market at the lake and sit in a local coffee shop and enjoy the turquoise water, merge with the green hills of the mountains that descend directly to the bank.
Nanda Devi temple. Temple is dedicated to one of the highest mountains in the Indian Himalayas (altitude - 7816 m). The local people call this mountain "home of the Goddess of bliss," and an ancient legend has it that this is where people and animals were rescued from the flood.
Nainitalsky Zoo. Bengal tigers live here, many species of monkeys, elephants, exotic birds.
Night in Nainitale.


Day 2. Nainital, Ranikhet (58 km)
Ranikhet   - a picturesque mountain town known for mesmerizing views of Himalayas, which is revealed in clear weather. Even today, this city managed to keep the spirit of the colonial era: ancient buildings, temples, huts and bungalows are surrounded by lush green vegetation and pristine charm of narrow streets is hard to find anywhere else. Local air is saturated with pine aroma Himalayan cedars and pines, serene nature, and time seems to stop ...
You will visit:
Julie Devi Temple - Temple bogigi Durga. They say if you make a wish here, it will come true. When the wish comes true, to hang a bell in the church in memory of it. Judging by the huge number of bells, which hung with the whole church, wishes really do come true!
Binsar Mahadev - ashram , located 15 km from Ranikhet in the wilderness the cedar forests, fast flowing cold stream. Ashram looks like it is fabulous. He painted with bright colored paint, and on top of it is decorated with sculptures based on the Bhagavad Gita - Krishna to Arjuna in the chariot. Inside the marble wall inscribed with the text of Bhagavad-gita. There is a temple of Lord Shiva. Every June, the ashram held yajna or fire ceremony, which attracts thousands of pilgrims.
Sri Babaji Ashram. It  is located 4 km from Ranikhet in the mountain village Chilianaula. It was founded by Sri Babaji - Mahavatar recognized Shiva. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world learned about it from the book "Autobiography of a Yogi." The latest incarnation of Babaji in the physical body was "in between" 1970 and 1984. Twice a day, in the temple at the ashram to hold services - aarati. It can not only see, but even join in the singing of mantras.
The temple of the Goddess Kali. Goddess Kali symbolizes the creative and destructive forces of nature. Wife of Lord Shiva, it is his destructive aspect. Cali rewards and free those who seek the Lord, and to punish violations of world order.
Night in Ranikhet.


Day 3. Ranikhet-Kausani (65 km)
You will visit:
Kausani.  small hill station, in which the ashram Anashakti-known fact that Mahatma Gandhi lived there for a few days. For a beautiful view of the Himalayas, he called the place "Indian Switzerland". You will never forget the 300-kilometer mountain panorama at sunrise and glittering snow peaks, which if it were possible to reach out his hand.
Bageshvar.  town, located at the confluence of two rivers - the Ganges and Sarayu. Here are preserved several ancient temples around the X century.
Temple Bagnath.  It stands in the heart of Bageshvara. The temple was erected in honor of Shiva - be sure to visit his Saivites during religious holidays.
On the way to Kausani you make a short stop to admire the picturesque tea plantations.
Night in Kausani.

Day 4. Kausani-Jageshwar (95 km)
You will visit:
Gol Devata Temple.  Temple is dedicated to an incarnation of Shiva or Lord Devata Gol Gol. He is considered the guardian of justice and especially pochetaetsya in this area. People ask him about the performance of cherished desires and even write him letters and stick them on the walls of the temple, and for every wish traditionally hung a bell, then it is certainly true!
Jageshwar.  This is a famous place, where there are 124 large and small church, built from IX to XIII century. All of them are dedicated to Shiva. Crowds of pilgrims flock here-Saivites. The place is surrounded by dense forest, where there are fragrant and deodar.
Night in Jageshwar.

Day 5. Jageshwar-Ranikhet (85 km)
Temple of Surya, the Sun God.  This building dates back two millennia. The temple is located at an altitude of 1800 meters, it does not go to transportation, so the last of the village, where you will take a taxi to go uphill walk for about an hour. The temple stands on a hillside in a very picturesque place.
The temple walls are composed of huge stones. They were produced in the plains and the mountains were brought specially for the construction of the temple. Although the site of the temple is destroyed, it can still feel the majestic aura: the intricate figurines of stone and metal, beautiful ornaments on the columns, elegant wooden doors. Here you are sure to get the blessing of the sun god.
Then again you return to Ranikhet, where you will find a cozy hotel and everything is ready for you to rest and relax after a long journey.

Day 6-14. Course panchakarma and yoga
Doctor performs a traditional diagnosis and assigns you the procedure. Begin a 7-day  course of panchakarma and yoga.


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