Abhyantar Snehan

  • Oral administration of ghee or oil is called Abhyantar (internal) snehan.
  • The dosage of ghee or oil systematically increased daily
  • Ghee or oil is used for this purpose because of its having properties of smooth, unctuous, fast, hot and easy penetration into the micro channels.
  • Medicated ghee or oil reaches very subtle levels through the channels and binds up with the toxins.
  • The toxins relocate from the periphery of the body to the centre, i.e. the alimentary tract.
  • There are two methods to expel the toxins from the body viz. Vaman (medically induced vomiting) and Virechan (medically induced purgation).
  • The toxins expel from the body either via Vaman (medically induced vomiting) or Virechan (medically induced purgation)

  • Purpose: To prepare the body for detoxification.

    Dose and duration of ghee/oil: Depends upon the body and Doshik conditions
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