Sarvang Abhayang (Whole body massage)

Well trained masseurs apply medicated oils all over the body in a specific manner. Swedan (Fomentation) usually follows all types of massages. This abhayang is indicated in various diseases of the muscles and the nerves and as a process of making the body physically strong and healthy.

Washp Swed:

Literal meaning of “Washp” is ‘steam’. In this process a steam chamber is used, in which the patient either sit or lie down on his back and every part of the body is exposed to the steam except head, to avoid dehydration, the patient is given a glass of water before administering bash swed. The duration of treatment is five to fifteen minutes or until sweat begins to bead on the face and forehead.

The sign of effective and complete swedan is sweating, a reddish color to the skin and warmth in the body, with no chill and stiffness. Patient feels light because of liquefying “Ama” (toxin). Without swedan toxins would not be ready for complete disposal. Once the Dhatus give up their accumulated toxins and wastes and the Doshas successfully transported them back to the gastrointestinal tract, the body must eliminate these wastes through the closest orifice.

This therapy is useful to liquefy the toxins in the body, and generalized disease like Arthritis and generalized weakness, Fatigue, Muscular problems; and in Myopathies bash swed can be use as treatment

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